Friday, 29 May 2020

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11 Jul

Erasmus Mundus joint master degrees

This publication, containing four articles on the different aspects of the Erasmus Mundus programme, has been created in order to review and reflect on the achievements and challenges faced since 2004. These policy papers discuss four different aspects of the programme: the employability of graduates of joint programmes, the students’ […]

05 Jul

Call for participants

This first Global Cultural Leadership Programme will take place in Valletta, Malta from October 16–21 in parallel to the 7th IFACCA World Summit on Arts and Culture. The Global Cultural Leadership Programme is a component of the Cultural Diplomacy Platform launched in March 2016, to support the European Commission with […]

05 Jul

La Commission à votre écoute!

Dans le cadre de son initiative d’amélioration de la réglementation, la Commission souhaite écouter davantage les citoyens et les parties intéressées, depuis les premières ébauches d’une proposition jusqu’à son élaboration, son adoption et son évaluation. Des avis peuvent être exprimés sur les «feuilles de route» et les «analyses d’impact initiales», […]

13 May

Welcome to Eurobrussels!

Mission accomplie! 20 étudiants roumains ont participé à cette 12ème édition du projet “Journées Carrières européennes – Carrières internationales”, qui a fermé ses portes hier. Une expérience de courte durée, mais trois journées – du 9 au 11 mai – riches en séminaires, rencontres et discussions ouvertes sur les politiques européennes […]

22 Apr

The European Culture Forum 2016

Putting culture at the heart of Europe’s external action The Forum was a great opportunity to reflect on the role culture plays in our foreign policy. This is not just about protecting our cultural heritage: we need to understand that investing in culture fosters growth, can help prevent radicalisation and […]

22 Mar

Je suis #Bruxelles

Nous sommes bouleversés par les attentats produits aujourd’hui à l’aéroport de Bruxelles-National et dans le métro bruxellois. Dans ces moments tragiques, nos pensées vont d’abord aux victimes, à leurs familles et à leurs proches. Nous exprimons notre compassion envers tous ceux qui ont été atteints par ces actes terroristes odieux et nous […]

08 Feb

Conference on Sports & Disability

Preamble In spite of efforts to promote equal opportunities in Europe, many children and adults with disabilities still do not exercise their full rights to perform sport and physical activities at their desired levels. Sport for persons with disabilities can be considered both in terms of purely sports-related aspects and in terms of Community policy. According to the […]

28 Jan

Join the Paris Pledge for Action!

AES-EAS 2020 has joined L’Appel de Paris / the Paris Pledge for Action to support the global call from civil society groups for a credible, coherent and unmistakable signal that the Paris Agreement will be implemented and commitments met, or even better, exceeded. As civil society groups, we realize that dangerous climate change […]

11 Jan

Education to foster Intercultural Understanding and Solidarity in Europe

Lifelong Learning Platform – Press Release January 2016 As part of the commemoration of the January 2015 attacks in Paris against freedom of speech and thus, against the core of European fundamental values, the LLLPlatform releases its first Position Paper for 2016. To face the challenges ahead, the paper explores […]

30 Nov

Youth and Education, to fight social exclusion and combat radicalisation

Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council, Brussels, 23-24/11/2015 The current migratory and refugee crisis was a common theme to Council’s discussions. Both its configurations addressed migration related issues, in particular through its policy debates. Ministers discussed the current migratory and refugee crisis, adopted the 2015 EU Youth Report and the […]