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Discover the European Union DVD – educational pack

‘Discover the European Union with EuroparlTV’ is the title of our educational pack for teachers of pupils in the age groups 11-15 and 15-18. This package of two DVDs – available for free and in the 22 languages – offers a series of 20 videos designed to appeal to young viewers, encourage classroom debate and promote understanding of key European issues of our time which have a direct impact on students’ lives.

Highlighting 20 different topics:

DVD I (11- to 15-year age group) presents the key aspects of the European Union in an informative fashion and offers insights into topics of interest to young people;

DVD II (15- to 18-year age group) provides a more in-depth analysis and puts the key stages and policies of European unification into historical perspective.

The pack is available, free, in the 22 languages of the European Union via EU-Bookshop.

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• The first European elections – The construction of a democratic Europe 3:53

• The single market – The removal of barriers and the reinforcement of freedoms 3:10

• The Schengen area – The end of passports for travel within the EU 2:54

•  The euro, a force for cohesion in the EU – The most ambitious monetary project of all time 2:26

• A for Accession – Becoming an EU Member State 3:37

• B for Biodiversity – Protecting all forms of life on earth 2:09

• C for Cloning – Debates on high-quality livestock 4:17

• G for Galileo – The European space programme for the future of navigation 2:39

• G for GMO (genetically modified organisms) – An informed choice for consumers 2:40

• P for Parliament – Defending the interests of all Europeans 2:50




• European laws – Creating European legislation from A to Z 3:06

• The European Parliament – Giving the EU democratic legitimacy 3:33

• Regional policy – Investing in the development of the 271 regions of the EU 4:02

• Citizens as legislators – Let your voice be heard 3:37

• Europe’s budget: who pays? – Member State contributions to improve the situation of all 2:55

• The euro – From creation to general use 4:21

• The Schengen agreement – Guaranteeing free movement 4:16

• The Treaty of Rome – The beginnings of modern European unity 4:06

• The CAP is born – One of the first and most important of historical policies 3:54

• The fathers of Europe – The great political thinkers and their ideas 2:55



A series of short audiovisual documentaries on the EU, which are interesting and easy to understand, can also be viewed or downloaded on our website: www.europarltv.europa.eu

Source: http://www.europarltv.europa.eu/en/about-europarltv/europarltv-dvd.aspx

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