Sunday, 14 August 2022

The EU-CoE youth partnership at a glance

In the last ten years the Council of Europe and the European Commission have developed a close cooperation in the youth field.

Since 1998, this EU-CoE youth partnership between the two institutions has taken the form of consecutive agreements focusing in a first stage on “European Youth Worker and Youth Leader Training”, complemented in 2003 by two further covenants, one on “Euro-Mediterranean youth co-operation” and another one on “Youth Research”. As from 2005 both partners strengthened co-operation and established one single Partnership Agreement with the aim to provide a lasting framework for the joint development of a coherent strategy in the field of youth worker training, youth policy and youth research.

The EU-CoE youth partnership provides an added value to the programmes of the two institutions and their institutional partners, fosters co-operation, complementarity and synergies and enhances the EU-CoE youth partnership’s impact on youth related policies and activities in Europe and beyond.

The current EU-CoE youth partnership Agreement covers the period 1st July 2010 – 31th December 2013.

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