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Youth and Education, to fight social exclusion and combat radicalisation

30 Nov

Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council, Brussels, 23-24/11/2015

The current migratory and refugee crisis was a common theme to Council’s discussions. Both its configurations addressed migration related issues, in particular through its policy debates.

Ministers discussed the current migratory and refugee crisis, adopted the 2015 EU Youth Report and the 2015 joint report on the implementation of the Strategic Framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020).

Main Results:

  • the role of youth policy and youth work with regards to migration: ministers highlighted the importance of strengthening cross-sectoral cooperation, in particular in the education, youth, culture, and sport sectors.
  • education and training strategies for integrating recently arrived migrants and people with a migrant background: ministers underlined in particular the need to recognize the competences of newly arrived migrants and to implement intensive language learning to help overcoming social inequalities.
  • the importance of a more comprehensive approach to culture, based on global solidarity. The Council stressed that this approach should also address the challenges currently facing the EU such as the migratory crisis, radicalisation and the rise of xenophobia.

For more details, see the meeting page.

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